Tom – wandelt dagelijks met de hondjes in een groep

I was born in Italy in 1988, my Grandpa taught me how to take care of chickens, my Pa how to take care of plants and my Mamma systematically trained me to wean stray kittens since my early years.. but none of them succeeded and I ended up with dogs!

I achieved my Training Licence in 2012 and I have specific training in : Nose-work (tracking and human detection), veterinary first aid, adolescent dogs, clicker training and Mobility. I use cognitive approach.

Although I will be forever grateful to my on-field experiences which made me grew the most : I started dog walking and sitting when I was 17 and I have been volounteering for several dog pounds through the years. Being exposed on a daily basis to dogs’ body language definitely increased my sensitiveness and my skills in reading it.

For the last two years I have been running a small business back in Italy and I had the great opportunity of working side to side with behavior therapists and vets, mostly in order to solve human reactivity in guardian dogs.

I moved in The Hague in 2015.

Teddy is my first dog. I adopted him in 2013 from a shelter and he is now three years old. He is a cookie-monster : he would jump in the ring of fire for just one crumble; he taught me Empathy and I will always consider him my wisest mentor.

My next goal is to get a psychology degree, I find interesting to probe the dynamics that rule man / dog interaction and how they affect pets’ behavior.

Werken bij The Animal Nanny

Tom begeleidt dagelijks de groepswandelingen met de honden van maandag t/m vrijdag. Hij zorgt ervoor dat de honden genieten van een een heerlijke wandeling, dat deze in goede banen wordt geleid en veilig verloopt.

Wij zijn erg tevreden over de uitlaatservice waar wij gebruik van maken voor onze hond Dribbel. Hij heeft er enorme baat bij en gaat altijd vol enthousiasme mee!
Opleiding & Training

Dog Training License issued by cynophilist center Il Biancospino, Casteggio (PV, Italy) – 2012

Acquired competences:

  • ethology and behavior
  • communication and training techniques
  • diagnostics
  • business marketing and NLP
  • first aid sporting (agility, obedience, mondioring, attack and defense)
  • clicker training
  • puppy class
  • rehabilitation

Veel honden workshops en trainingen o.a.

  • Workshop @ Hondenprofessional by Nando Brown (IMDT), Hilvarenbeek – 2015
  • Workshop @ Hondenprofessional by Monique Bladder on BAT Behavior Adjustment Training, Hilvarenbeek — 2015
  • Nose Work workshop by Gira in Giro Bau – 2014


  • Veterinary First Aid Professional Course
  • Federazione Italiana Emergenza Veterinaria (Milan Italy) 2017
Hondengedrag & training
Konijnen, knaagdieren en vogels
Medische kennis

Hondenbegeleider bij The Animal Nanny

Eigen hondenuitlaatservice en prive training voor honden

Stage als hondentrainer bij Oh My Dog Hondenschool