Roos – Animal Nanny and Solo Dog Walker

I am Roos, 29 years old and I live together with my husband and two young children in Rotterdam. Since March this year the two happy cat sisters Ginger and Pebbles live in our house. Ginger and Pebbles are two ex-stray cats from Turkey now almost 1 year old. They teach me a lot about the behavior of cats!

From an early age, animals have a great attraction to me. Ideally I always wanted a dog, but that was not allowed by my parents. So I used to have dwarf hamsters, gerbils and rats. When I started studying, I got my dog Blue. He was a 4-year old Labrador cross who was looking for a new home. From Blue and the courses that we have followed together, I learned a lot about dogs and their behavior. Unfortunately, he died last year; he is 13.5 years old. I still miss him every day.

Education and Experience

From the age of 13 I worked at Dog Walker in Rotterdam. I walked all kind breeds and characters, a few summers I independently run the dog walking service.

I have also had a number of my own customers for which I took care of the dogs and/or cats. For one month, for example, I cared full-time at a home with two dogs, two cats and four parakeets.

During my Animal Management training I learned a lot about the behavior of animals and animal welfare and pets in particular. I have done an internship at Dierentehuis de Hargahoeve in Schiedam where I have provided all kinds of dogs, cats and rabbits. I have drawn up the asylum protocol for the Amsterdam Zoo, and I have also taken part in the reception, gave tours to groups and walked with the vet. I noticed that I not only like working with animals, but also like to be among the people. Good customer contact and great colleagues make the ‘animal work’ even more satisfying.

I have learned a lot about animals and their behavior, but would like to learn more. My bookcase is full of animal books and I like to attend symposiums and lectures about pets, animal welfare and animal behavior.

Ik zou de Nanny altijd aanraden, hebben nu meerdere keren gebruik gemaakt van de service. Als er vragen zijn worden er dingen uitgelegd en er wordt altijd in goed overleg gehandeld. Super betrouwbaar!
Education & Training

HBO Diermanagement
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Diverse hondentrainingen gevolgd

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Since 2016 Animal Nanny at The Animal Nanny

Dog Walker at Dog Walkingservice Rotterdam

Various internships and volunteer animal shelter Rotterdam