Welcome to The Hague!

Why hire a professional Pet Sitter?

  • Personal care in familiar surroundings.
  • Medical care in experienced hands.
  • Reliable professional knowledge and experience, and a lot of love for animals.
  • Independent of neighbours or relatives – also for mail and plants.
  • Care during last minute trips to long vacations arranged quickly.

Where we work
  • Rijswijk
  • Voorburg
  • Ypenburg
  • The Haque – Center
  • The Haque – Archipelbuurt, Willemspark, Voorhout
  • The Haque – Benoordenhout/Bezuidenhout
  • The Haque – Zeeheldenkwartier
  • The Haque – Statenkwartier
  • The Haque – Duinoord, Bomenbuurt, Segbroek, Valkenboskwartier
  • The Haque – Scheveningen
  • Wassenaar (op de grens van Den Haag)

Is your area not listed? Ask for the possibilities!

Are you an Expat who just moved to The Haque? Do you miss your Pet Sitter?

You might be used to having a pet sitter or a dog walker back home who helps you take care of your pets. The Animal Nanny is here to help you!

We offer a helping hand with the care of your pets. We personalise our care to your wishes and to the needs of your pet.

How can we help you?
  • Are you going on holiday? Pets like their routines and familiar surroundings – pet sitting at home avoids stress.
  • Your dog can enjoy a daily walk with our small group walks.
  • Does your dog need extra care and attention? We would love to pamper your dog with a private walk.
  • We provide care that is completely tailored to your wishes and to the needs of your pet.
  • We work with professional and reliable Animal Nannies.
We would love to meet you and your pet!

During the Meet&Greet, we will explain how we work and how we can help you. And most important, we will discuss your wishes and the needs of your pet. The Meet&Greet is free.

Plan a Meet&Greet

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Whats owners say

Opnieuw enorm bedankt voor de perfecte zorg voor onze vogels! Heerlijk om thuis te komen en begroet te worden door al die blije en vrolijke beestjes!
Ronbaasje van Noky, Ory, Deva en Wally
De zoektocht naar de ideale uitlaatdienst is niet makkelijk. Iedereen doet het anders en vind maar eens iemand die perfect aansluit bij jouw wensen en bij jouw hond. Dit hebben wij gevonden in The Animal Nanny
Paulbaasje van Zoe
We arrived back to clean litter trays and two happy cats with lovely soft coats from all of their grooming.
Rebeccabaasje van Dido & M