What can we do for you?

Benefits of our group walks

  • Small groups and careful selection of dogs.
  • Professional guidance, expertise and experience.
  • Useful for socialising and contact with other dogs.
  • 1 hour walk in the forest or on the beach.
  • Safe and secure transport.
  • We clean and dry your dog after the walk.

Where we work
  • Rijswijk
  • Voorburg
  • Ypenburg
  • The Haque – Center
  • The Haque – Archipelbuurt, Willemspark, Voorhout
  • The Haque – Benoordenhout/Bezuidenhout
  • The Haque – Zeeheldenkwartier

Is your area not listed? Ask for the possibilities!

Running and playing with other dogs in small groups
Our group walks

We walk in small groups. We will pick up your dog and bring it back home after the walk. After the pick-up, we drive to a nice and safe off-leash area. Our Dog Walker walks the dogs for an hour in different areas around The Hague.

We walk at:

  • Elsenburgerbos
  • Nootdorpse plassen
  • Delfse hout
  • Clingendael
  • Marlot
  • Bosjes van Poot
  • Meer en Bos
  • The beach

During the walk we give your dog lots of attention and guidance and we continuously monitor the whole group. Back in the car, the dogs are given water. If they are wet and/or dirty, they are rinsed off using our special doggy shower and dried before they are brought home, tired but satisfied. If required, we can feed them on drop-off.

  • Our morning walks are from 10:00-13:00
  • Our afternoon walks are from 13:00-16:00

Some group walks are suitable for puppies under 6 months. We have a special dog buggy for the puppy so that we can adjust the length of the walk to the age of the puppy. We help to train your pup and that is quite intense. We gently teach it to listen well, get used to our van and learn how to interact with other dogs.

Of course the amount of group walks your puppy does needs to be built op slowly. We take puppies in our group from 12 weeks of age. They must be vaccinated to join the group walk. Your pup is also always welcome for an individual walk!

What do we do during a group walk:
  • We walk with small groups of up to 8 dogs.
  • We walk the dogs for an hour in the forest, park or on the beach.
  • The dogs can run, play and swim.
  • We pay attention to training and work on obedience based on clicker training, reward and positive reinforcement.
  • We walk the dogs off-leash as much as possible.
  • We give each dog its own collar with our phone numbers – it’s easy to recognise and safe.
  • After the walk, we dry and clean the dogs in the van using our special dog shower and towels.
What are the benefits of a group walk?
  • Small groups, plenty of attention for the dogs and careful selection ensuring peace in the pack.
  • Professional guidance, expertise and experience.
  • Very useful for socialising and contact with other dogs.
  • Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old (1 pup per group).
  • Your dog will have a good walk in an off-leash area.
  • Safe and secure transport specially for dogs.
  • We dry and clean your dog after the walk.
Come on a walk with us!

We would love to meet you and your dog! Come for a test walk with us and make an appointment for a Meet&Greet.

During the Meet&Greet, we will explain how we work and how we can help you. And most important, we will discuss your wishes and the needs of your pet. Each pet and owner is unique and that’s why we customise our service (The meeting is free of charge and under no obligation).

Plan a trial walk

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What owners say

Opnieuw enorm bedankt voor de perfecte zorg voor onze vogels! Heerlijk om thuis te komen en begroet te worden door al die blije en vrolijke beestjes!
Ronbaasje van Noky, Ory, Deva en Wally
De zoektocht naar de ideale uitlaatdienst is niet makkelijk. Iedereen doet het anders en vind maar eens iemand die perfect aansluit bij jouw wensen en bij jouw hond. Dit hebben wij gevonden in The Animal Nanny
Paulbaasje van Zoe
We arrived back to clean litter trays and two happy cats with lovely soft coats from all of their grooming.
Rebeccabaasje van Dido & M

Frequently Asked Questions

Are group walks suitable for my dog?

Group walks are not suitable for all dogs, it is important that your dog can enjoy the walks and for some dog’s pack walks are just to much. Read more to find out if your dog is suitable for a group walk.

Can I join for a trial walk?

Of course it is possible to go along with a trial walk, we even encourage that. It is very good for your dogs if he go together with you for his first walk in a new group, gives your dog a safe and supported feeling. You can make here an appointment for a trial walk.

What is the duration of a group walk?

During the walks we walk for an hour with the dogs, this is for both young dogs more than sufficient and also for older fit dogs to keep well.

Where do you walk?

With the group we try to walk at different off leash area’s. The surroundings of Rijswijk / The Hague are fairly rich in safe unloading areas.

Depending on the route and where the last dog lives, we will be walking at:

  • Marlot
  • Clingendael
  • Elsenburgerbos
  • Delfse hout
  • Nootdorpse plassen
  • Het scheveningenstrand
  • Bosjes van poot
How big are the groups?

We walk with small groups from 4-7 dog’s. We find this safer than bigger packs, so we have a good overview and “enough” hands to guide the group in an off leash area safely.

But it’s also very important to look at the group dynamic and which dog’s are in the group, pack walks are nat suitable for all dog’s and our dog walker look very good at the group dynamics and which dog’s can go on pack walks with us.

At what times do you walk?

We have two group walks a day: a morning walk and an afternoon walk.

Morning walk: 10:00-13: 00, between 11: 00-12: 00 we walk
Afternoon walk: 13: 00-16: 00, between 14: 00-15: 00 we walk

Of cours sometimes we are bit earlier or later, if you work with animal’s unexpected things can happen or something happen in the traffic.


How long is my dog in the van?

It change per day and who is picked up first/last and how long we have to drive too a safe off leash area. Mostly the pick up/ bring back duration is about an hour, however, it can sometimes be busy on the road or interruptions as a result road works/traffic jams why the pick up/bring pack takes longer.

The dogs all have their own safe place in which they can sit and lie safely, they can’t have contact with the other dog’s. We provide warm beds and because of our 2 fans on top of the van provide fresh air from outside, so there is always enough fresh air and in the summer it does not get too hot.

How is my dog transported?

Your dog will be safely transported in a special dog van. All dogs have their own safe and well secured place, the dog’s don’t have contact/see each other.

We provide warm blankets on cold and wet days which keep them warm and let them dry up faster.

In addition, our van has two fans, one of which extracts hot air and the other adds fresh air. The fans can keep running because of an extra battery if we stand still/pick up dogs or walk. This means there is always fresh air in the van and it stays cool on hot days.

My question is not listed here!

Is your question not listed here? Look here between our general frequently asked questions!

What is your working area?

We work in a specific area for the group walks:

  • Rijswijk
  • Voorburg
  • Ypenburg
  • The Haque – Center
  • The Haque – Archipelbuurt, Willemspark, Voorhout
  • The Haque – Benoordenhout/Bezuidenhout
  • The Haque – Zeeheldenkwartier

Is your area not listed? Ask for the possibilities!

Do the dogs get water after the walk?

Yes, we always have water in our bus, so that the dogs who do not drink from the ditch can quench their thirst after the walk.

Is my dog being cleaned?

During a group walk, your dog can fully be a dog. Some dogs find it a party to dive into a mud pool, your dog loves it! But having a dirty dog at home is not so great

We have a special dog shower and lots of towels. So we can clean your dog and bring him home as clean and dry as possible.

Can my dog be fed after the walk?

No problem, if you give us the right portion of food, we can feed your dog after his walk.

What if something happen to my dog?

It may happen that something happens to your dog during a walk or at home. Depending on what’s going on, we will first have contact with you and if needed call your own vet. In case of immediate emergency, we will immediately take your dog to the nearest veterinarian.

If a visit to the vet is necessary, we can help you to bring your dog to the vet. During the consultation / treatment we will be present with your dog all the time. After the consultation we immediately contact you again to report and discuss the aftercare.

Costs for a veterinary visit are for your account and we can’t pay the vet in advance, always ask your vet if it is possible to pay afterwards or that it can be transferred immediately via online banking.

We always have a first aid kit with us during the visits, if necessary we can provide first aid.

What if it is very hot or bad weather?

In extreme weather the walk can be adjusted / shortened or canceled for safety reasons.

During warm days we take it easy with the dogs, we sit in the shade and look for water and let the dogs play in the water. The two fans in our dog van run continuously to keep the bus cool. However, we recommend that with temperatures above 23 degrees dogs with flat muzzleslike frenchies, bulldog’s etc. go on a solo walk.

In case of very high temperatures above 30 degrees we can cancel the group walks or begin very early and only do morning walks. Because dog’s can overheat very quickly and we might find it unsafe.

In case of storm / extreme rainfall/snowfall it may happen that we have to shorten or cancel the walks.

How do you deal with female dog's in heat?

Female dog’s in heat can’t join the group walks for a month. Because your female dog will be bothered by male dog’s to much and it gives a lot of unrest for the rest of the back. Not to mentioned the risk of a having an unwanted litter of puppies.

We keep female dog’s in heat away of the pack for a month, because it often takes longer before the smell is gone and male dog’s are no longer attracted to nice smell of your dog.

In the meantime your dog can go on a solo walk for only an little extra amount, so you don’t have to worry about your schedule.

What if my dog is sick?

When your dog is ill, he can’t go with a pack walk. Your dog needs rest to recover and may also be contagious for other dogs.

In the meantime your dog can go on a solo walk for only an little extra amount, so you don’t have to worry about your schedule.

Why a meet & greet?

Before we walk with your dog, we first come along for a free Meet&Greet. Solo walks ask for customization, because no dog and owner are the same.

During a Meet&Greet we discuss your wishes, what your dog needs and our options. We explain to you exactly how we work and see what the best care is for your dog.

If you decide to use our services, we can continue with the intake. There we discuss everything we need to know about your dog, his character and what we need to take into account during the walk. A kind of in-depth interview about your dog! Then we will make an appointment for a first trial walk and discuss any dates / days when we start the walks. You’ll receive a confirmation of these walks and in the same email you’ll find also all the important administrative information, key agreement and our General Terms and Conditions.

After the intake you will get access to your own online client account. It contains all information about your dog and care instructions during / after the walk, this information can always be viewed and adjusted. So we always have the right information for you if you want to use our service one more time! In the customer account you can easily view your dog’s schedule and read the walking reports.

Do you have testimonials from your clients?

We have a lot of testimonials of our clients:

Also look at our Facebook for testimonials!

  • “De zoektocht naar de ideale uitlaatdienst is niet makkelijk. Iedereen doet het anders en vind maar eens iemand die perfect aansluit bij jouw wensen en bij jouw hond. Dit hebben wij gevonden in The Animal Nanny. Wij vinden het belangrijk dat onze hond ook voldoende aandacht krijgt en dat er overzicht wordt gehouden op de iedere individuele hond. En dat krijgt ze zeker bij haar in de groep! Nou heeft onze kleine hond een groot karakter en ook hier helpt Natascha heel goed bij. Ze oefent met haar en ze laat ons via de uitlaatkaartjes na afloop, zien hoe het gegaan is. Misschien het belangrijkste nog, ze gaat steeds weer naar een ander uitlaatgebied en als we thuis komen is onze kleine dame compleet uitgeleefd en uitgeput. Kortom, mocht je nog twijfelen, stop daar mee….. The Animal Nanny is gewoon heel goed!” Kim en Paul, baasjes van Zoë
  • “Ik ben natuurlijk heel blij met jullie in alle opzichten, ik zie ook echt aan Maoa hoe zij veranderd is: zij heeft nu zo veel meer zelfvertrouwen dan in het begin! Van een zenuwachtig, beetje argwanend hondje is ze nu een zelfbewuste dame geworden met nu en dan een tik… Maar dat is gewoon ‘karakter’! Ik hoop echt dat jullie nog vele jaren met haar kunnen lopen, ze kijkt echt uit naar haar wandelingen en zit in het raam op jullie te wachten.” Groetjes, Marianne, baasje van Maoa
  • “Natascha is heel gedreven en voelt alle hondjes en katjes perfect aan! Ze is een van de weinige waarmee ik mijn kleine, lieve Floor op pad wil sturen. Heel fijn!” Clair, Baasje van Floortje
  • “Met veel vertrouwen geven we Noura mee aan Natascha. Ook in onrustige tijden, wanneer Noura wat nerveus kan zijn, wordt ze fantastisch opgevangen en begeleidt. Vakkundig, lief en betrouwbaar, heel fijn!” Mathilde, Baasje van Noura
  • “Met vertrouwen laten we Senna onze Grote Zwitser meegaan met de groepswandeling. Ze is daarna moe en heel tevreden we vinden het fijn dat er zo lief voor haar wordt gezorgd!”Annechien, Baasje van Senna
  • “Buster, onze hond, kijkt altijd uit naar zijn wandelingen met de Animal Nanny! Super service en betrouwbare nanny!” Eline, Baasje van Buster
  • “Als de naam ‘natascha’ valt gaat Juicy door t dolle heen! Wat een geweldige service. Had geen beter nanny kunnen vinden, zo liefdevol en betrouwbaar!” Susanne, Baasje van Juicy
  • “De vraag of wij met een gerust hart een weekend zijn weg geweest kunnen we volledig en voor de volle 100% met een JA beantwoorden. We weten dat onze beide poezen dames goed worden verzorgt en vermaakt. Ook de updates over hoe het met ze gaat zijn er fijn om te krijgen. Enorm bedankt weer! Tevens zijn wij ook erg tevreden over de uitlaatservice waar wij gebruik van maken voor onze hond Dribbel. Hij heeft er enorme baat bij en gaat altijd vol enthousiasme mee met nanny Cathrine of Natascha.” Marc en Michelle baasjes, van Zenna en Lilo en Dribbel
  • “We wilden een week op vakantie maar de vraag was aan wie kunnen we onze hond (een Engelse Stafford, erg lief maar kan niet overal terecht) toevertrouwen, als wij weg zijn? Tyson verbleef bij een familielid, die hem alle liefde geeft maar geen lange wandelingen met hem kan maken. Gelukkig wilde Natascha Tyson 2x per dag individueel uitlaten. Natascha heeft alles prima verzorgd en ook tijdens de vakantie ons op de hoogte gehouden en foto’s gestuurd! Erg fijn!  We konden in alle rust van onze vakantie genieten. Mocht het weer eens nodig zijn, dan zullen we zeker weer The Animal Nanny vragen! Ook erg leuk om je eigen hondje op de site te zien:) Veel succes verder, maar dat zit volgens mij wel goed!” Groetjes Sascha, Stef en Tyson