You don’t just choose any Nanny for your pet…

… that’s why we we would love to meet you and your pet!

We would be pleased to come by to meet you. Because you don’t just choose any Nanny for your pet. Every animal is an individual and has different care needs.

During our meeting, we will discuss what you want, what your pet needs and how we can help you. Once we know this, the Nanny can discuss the costs with you.

If you are satisfied with the meet and great, we can continue with the intake. Where we write down a care plan or plan a trial walk.

Make an appointment for a Meet&Greet:

We are looking forward to meet you and your pet, see you soon!

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Where to find us?

De Martini Fabriek
Verrijn Stuartlaan 34
2288 EL Rijswijk
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