We take care of your pet with passion
We take care of your pet with passion
We take care of your pet with passion
We take care of your pets with passion
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What we can do for you?

Pet Sitting Service
Solo Dog Walking
Dog Walking in little groups
Dog training and Advise

About us

The Animal Nanny takes care of your beloved pets if you are unable to do so yourself. We walk your dog and take care of your cat at home. We work with you to take care of your pets in the best possible way, so that they are stress free, happy and healthy.

Why hire a professional Pet Sitter?

  • Pets like routines and familiar surroundings
  • Your dog enjoys walks in small groups or individually while you are at work
  • We work as a teams that you can always count on help when you need it
  • Our nannies have the expertise and experience they need to take excellent care of your pet

Our Team

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What our clients have to say

“The Animal Nanny is a perfect companion for your pet if you need someone to take care of them whilst you are away.We were completly satisfied with the service, and really liked the detaild daily updates and photos Nanny Natascha send us. I would highly recommend this service to anyone and would not hesitate to book again when we are on the next vacation. Natascha really understand animal behaviour and it makes a real difference to the happiness of the pet whilst away…” Andrew and Anjali, Owners of Bagheera

"We had perfect piece of mind that Hector was being well looked after. The start/end sms messages and use of a client portal are really valuable. Hector was relaxed when we returned. A great service!" Paulina, Owner of Hector

“We love ‘em! A great team of professionals!” Danielle, Pet Sitter colleague USA

Our Furry clients!

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