Thalie – Extra hulp in het weekend

British/Dutch family lineage; sturdy build, loyal disposition with no health issues except an uncontrollable head of curly hair. Patient and friendly, can walk for days. Gets along with all kinds of animals including humans. Well trained, friendly and positive. I can talk in Dutch but my writing is better in English:)

My name is Thalie and I grew up in remote parts of the world knee deep in animals. All of them. The wild ones that live in the ocean, fields and homes. As a dive instructor/marine researcher I was fortunate to work in conservation and interact with the most reclusive, shy, misunderstood and beautiful creatures ever. It taught me a great deal. Patience and kindness. Consistency. Care.

Back home in Canada my Gulf Island community noticed something else. The words ‘Auntie Thalie’ elicited excited response and cocked ears, and a solid posse of dogs back home will run like a herd of buffaloes towards me. It’s like a stampede but more graciously choreographed. Like synchronized swimmers but on land. I think you got the image.

Got to work with all kinds and sorts. From Pit bull to Chihuahua, abused street cat to Persian. I’ve herded ducks, knew a pig called ‘Sparkle Petunia’ and have been known to put wild chickens to roost. Animal work just kept expanding and I became a sought after pet and farm sitter.

The only sadness I got is missing the pack of beasts back home: Every pet I’ve taken care of has claimed a piece of my heart. And if you are an animal lover you know what that feels like.

As new clients of The Animal Nanny, I can say that the service they provided us has exceeded our expectations. As a rescue cat, Nemo has always been very timid of strangers and due to this, she has been somewhat distressed when we’ve returned from vacation. To our delight, with the care provided by The Animal Nanny, Nemo settled in quickly this time which meant a lot to us. If future, we will definitely be using the service again.
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