What can we do for you?

Benefits of Pet Sitting

  • Personal attention in familiar surroundings
  • Medical care in experienced hands
  • Reliable professional knowledge and experience, and a lot of animal love
  • Independent of neighbors or relatives – also for mail and plants
  • From last minute to long vacation quickly arranged

Our Working Area
  • Rijswijk
  • Voorburg
  • Ypenburg
  • Den Haag – Centrum
  • Den Haag – Benoordenhout/Bezuidenhout
  • Den Haag – Zeeheldenkwartier
  • Den Haag – Statenkwartier
  • Den Haag – Duinoord
  • Den Haag – Scheveningen
  • Wassenaar (op de grens van Den Haag)
Contact us

Lindelaan 83
2282 EP Rijswijk

+31 (0)6 423 970 76

Pet care is more then just a bowl of food!
Pet care at home

For your last minute weekend getaway or long holiday: we love to take care of your small pets at home. In their own environment they flourish the best and they get the attention they deserve.

Taking care of your pet means much more than just giving a bowl of food! Giving attention, checking their health and if needed giving medication is all part of the job. And since we are already at your home, we’ll collect your post and water the plants if you like.

During a pet sitting visit:
  • Feeding by your schedule and refresh the water every visit.
  • Give medication when needed.
  • Scoop the litter box every visit, or change litter completely when needed.
  • Make sure your pet gets enough attention: cuddles, playing or brushing just what your pet wants.
  • We keep an eye on your home, give it an inhabited look. If desired, we can put some light on or the curtains open / close.
  • We take care of the plants and pick up the mail.
Benefits of home care:
  • Pets love their familiar environment, home care prevents stress.
  • You do not have to transport your pet anymore
  • Independent of neighbors, family and / or friends
  • Always a text message at the first and last visit
  • Read on your smartphone daily about your animals
  • Get nice photos on a regular basis.
  • We have a team of professional and reliable Animal Nanny’s with the right experience, expertise and especially a lot of animal love.
Free Meet&Greet

 We love to meet you and your pet!

During the meet and greet, we explain to you how we work, how we could help you and of cours discus your wishes and your pets needs. Every pet and it’s owner are unique and that’s why we customize our service. Additional administrative matters will also be addressed, such as: care schedule, feeding schedule, details of you and your pet etc. Are you interested? Feel free to contact us here!

The meeting is free of charge and non-committal.


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