What can we do for you?

At the Animal Nanny you’ll find professionals with love for animals
About us

We from The Animal Nanny take care of your beloved pets at the moments you are not able too. We help you with walking your dog and taking care of your cat at home. This way we work together with you to take care of your pets in the best possible way, to keep them stress free, happy and healthy.

The bond between humans and animals is often special and profound, which makes it difficult to entrust another with providing care. The Animal Nanny understands this better than anyone and realizes the great responsibility which comes with it. This is why we offer full “Personal Pet Care”: attention for your pet, provided with expertise and confidence, personalized to your needs.

Why Hire a professional Pet Sitter?
  • Pets prefer fixed routines and their familiar surroundings, home care prevents stress
  • Professional care and personal attention for your pet when you are not available yourself
  • Your dog is walked in small groups, or individually, while you are working
  • Your pet will have less risk of catching possible diseases such as kennel cough, as sometimes occur in boarding kennels
  • Pet Sitting during your vacation, but also possible on weekends, holidays and in the evening
  • You don’t have to bother your neighbours, friends and/or family anymore!
  • Our nannies have the expertise and experience they need to take excellent care of your pet.
  • We work as a team, in this way you can always count on help when you’re in need.
Free Meet&Greet

We love to meet you and your pet!

During the meet and greet, we tell you how we work, how we could help you and of cours discus your wishes and the needs of your pet. Every pet and it’s owner is unique and that’s why we customize our service. Are you interested? Feel free to contact us here!


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