What can we do for you?

Benefits of our group walks

  • Small groups and careful selection
  • Professional guidance, expertise and experience
  • Also for socializing and contact with other dogs
  • 1 hour walk at the forest or beach
  • Safe and secure transport
  • We make your dog clean and dry after the walk

Our working area
  • Rijswijk
  • Ypenburg
  • Voorburg
  • Den Haag bezuidenhout/benoordenhout
  • Den Haag centrum
Contact us

Lindelaan 83
2282 EP Rijswijk

+31 (0)6 423 970 76

Running and playing with other dog’s in small groups
Our group walks

We walk with small groups, your dog will be picked up and brought back at your home. After the pick up, we drive to a nice and safe off leash area. Our Dog Walker walks an hour with the dog’s in different area’s.

We walk at different area’s around The Hague:

  • Elsenburgerbos
  • Nootdorpse plassen
  • Delfse hout
  • Clingendeal
  • Marlot
  • Bosjes van Poot
  • Meer en Bos
  • The Beach

During the walk your dog gets lots of attention and guidance and the whole group is continuously monitored. Back in the car, the dogs are provided with water. If they have gotten wet and/or dirty, they are rinsed (we have a doggy shower!), dried before arriving home tired but satisfied. Feeding is possible on drop off.

  • Our morning walks are from 10:00-13:00
  • Our midday walks are from 13:00-16:00

Per group there is only one place for a puppy under 6 months, we use a special dog buggy to adapt the length of the walk to the age of the puppy. We guide your pup during the learning process and that is quite intense: learn to listen well, get used to our van and learning how to interact with other dogs.

Of cours the amount of groups walks need to be build op slowly. We take puppy’s in our group from 12 weeks old, if they have all the vaccinations. Your pup is also always welcome for an individual walk!

During a group walk:
  • We walk with small groups to up to 7-8 dogs
  • We walk for an hour with the dogs in the forest, park or beach
  • The dog’s can run, play and swim
  • We pay attention to training and work on obedience based on clicker training, reward and positive reinforcement.
  • Walk the dogs as much as possible off leash
  • The dog’s get there own necklaces with our phone numbers, recognizable and safe
  • After the walk, we dry and clean the dogs, we have a special dog shower and towels in the van
Benefits of a group walk:
  • Small groups and careful selection: all attention for your dog
  • Professional guidance, expertise and experience
  • Also for socializing and contact with other dogs
  • Suitable for puppies from 12 weeks old (1 pup per group)
  • Your dog will have a good walk in a off leash area
  • Safe and secure transport special for dog’s
  • We dry and clean your dog after the walk
Go on a walk with us!

We love to meet you and your dog! Go with us for a trial walk and make an appointment for a meet and greet.

During the meet and greet, we explain how we work, how we could help you and of cours discus your wishes and your dog his needs. Every dog and it’s owner are unique and that’s why we customize our service. Additional administrative matters will also be addressed, such as: walking schedule, after care and the details of you and your dog etc. Are you interested? Feel free to contact us here!

The meeting is free of charge and non-committal.

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